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Predicting Behavior Proves To Be Absolute Key For Big Data ?

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Want To Master Data? Strap All Of It
It is seen that to recognize customer behavior and understand the ever changing market trends, it is important to have  huge  records and should be real-time, prognostic analytic that are done by the companies to know more and make use of the available situation in a positive way. Taking advantage of these things is important as changes are taking place in a persistent way.

It is seen that the silos govern and establish any organization and it is up to them to take any decision. Though the data is available and is waiting to be unlock, these openings of data are in the hands of the company. Though the data are found to be within the enterprise, the use of the data and the collection of it to make it groups are left to the organization. The internal and external sources have different information that resides in the form of applications of various manners, based on the platform, which also needs to be taken care by the internal and external sources.

13th Amendment

Significance Of Revolutionary Acts

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The 13th Amendment to the Constitution helped to abolish slavery. Thus, if you are a slave today, that is either illegal or you have accepted this state of servitude voluntarily. Slavery or involuntary servitude can exist in the United States which is deemed to be a crime for which any party is liable to be convicted. This extends to any area of jurisdiction of the United States.

Thus, all citizens have the right to be free which is protected by the Constitution. When you are not free then you need to revolt against such a state. There are many people who believe that revolution is akin to leading a march or standing in front of a crowd wearing a bullhorn or to form a militia. Thus, many people feel that this is a job for the Bradley Mannings, Adam Kokeshes, Alex Joneses and others of the world.
13th Amendment

The Way We Live

The Way We Live – Exploratory Behavior, Identity and Individuality

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The neuroscientists were always fascinated by the question how people develop their identity or individuality.  A recent study by the Neuroscientists tried to answer various questions about human nature and identity. They wanted to know whether the talents, traits and the insecurities of a person, which are embedded in the genes, remain unchanged in all conditions. They wanted to know how your fate can be allotted to your genes and how your surroundings and chances can change your fate.

During the study conducted by Julia Freund and her colleagues, they placed individuals (in this case Mice) with identical genetic makeup in a common environment. They observed the individuals to find out whether they developed any systematic behavioral variability.  If the individuals had developed any variability it means that there are sources other than genes which cause behavioral variability.

Big Data Market

Information Economy – Big Data Market

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If we go down the passage of time we realize that the knowledge of the world was stored in one centralized place and that was the Library of Alexandria located in Egypt. Every empire and every culture recognized this library to be the epicenter of scholarly studies. Today that information is becoming decentralized. The vast repositories of papyrus scrolls of Alexandria can fit into a single flash drive today. Today, in the 21s century, digital information is being created as well as stored and analyzed at a high rate. The world data at present has been produced over the last two years, about ninety percent of it. This is known as the Big Data which is the explosion of information which is happening in the world around us.

Big Data is an integral part of every sector in a global economy and it is an essential factor in the production of physical and human capital. Our modern economic activities will not be able to function without it. The main drivers of Big Data in an incalculable amount of the transactional data that is being produced by the companies as well as the financial institutions and other online intermediaries. It includes trillions of information in bytes about buyers, suppliers and operations that could be of critical interest to financial analysts and businesses.

brain machine

Towards Dynamic Augmented Learning with Brain Computer Interface ?

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With a detailed study as how our brain functions to make a work happen, now it is implemented to make the machine work. There are many new things found while this was implemented. It is seen that the activity observed in the mind machines is the same as how Brain trains itself to learn the new motor skills. This is done by implanting sensors to the Brain and this is further linked to the computer where the electrical impulses are translated into actions. The studies helped people to know that the complex problems could also be solved in the same way and people need not have to do much for this.

As per the study published in PNAS journals, no manual or the automatic work is a carried out in the study rather the subject in a study is made by thinking about the task at and how it has to be performed. The process of the task is taught step wise and this makes the task happen. This is just like riding a bicycle or learning a piano which has to be done stepwise or else people might not learn it at all. The process was learned in the areas of the neurons which were active at a specific time and the number of neurons that works when the pressure of working is increased.

wearable computer

Augmented Reality: Is This The Future Of Technology?

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There is a considerable rate at which power technologies are increasing in this world and the human race has already started to think beyond Google glass. There is no doubt that technological future is heading towards fashionable digital eyewear, contact lenses as well as bionic eyes that can even offer you with 3D displays. What all this means is that the digital eye would be bringing about a digital layer to “augment” information that allows you new categories of applications and user experiences. The power and the popularity that emerging products like Google Glass and Oculus Rift’s 3D virtual reality headset for the ultimate gaming experience could well be the eye opener for a new revolution that can be called as “wearable revolution”. But, these are just the tip of the iceberg and there are lots more that you can come across in the near future.

Public Smoking

Is There A Need To Ban Electronic Cigarettes In Public Places?

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Electronic cigarettes have carved a niche for itself and are slowly gaining popularity among a lot of people who are looking to quit smoking to avoid the ill effects that nicotine filled real cigarettes causes. People all across the globe have accepted the ecigarettes with both hands and both men and women from all over now prefer to smoke an e cigarette.

Are E-Cigarettes Good?
There are a lot of concerns among many people as to whether an eCigarette is a totally safe product and whether it does not have any ill effects like what you find in traditional cigarettes. There is no doubt that e-cigarettes do not have the same ill effects or bad qualities that a normal and traditional cigarette has but regular use of the electronic cigarette is not highly recommended. Nowadays, there is a global concern over the health implications of the e-cigarettes and hence there are a lot of countries who are mulling over on whether to ban e-cigarettes in public places so that it does not cause any harm to the health of the passive smokers. In fact, France has already taken steps to ban electronic cigarettes from being used in public places and there are talks that some places in the United States as well as United Kingdom will soon follow suit.

Samsung Smart

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Launched For Small Time Smartphone Users

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If you wish to own a Smartphone but do not have the budget to buy a high end Smartphone and if Samsung is your favorite mobile phone company, then you will be pleased to hear that Samsung has just launched a smaller Smartphone called as Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is slightly bigger than  the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. This new version of Galaxy S4 mini is a smaller and a cheaper option of Samsung Smartphone that is sure to find a lot of middle class and upper middle class clients.

What S4 Mini Offers?
The first thing that you will notice in the new budget Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is the size of the screen which is about 4.3 inches.  The S4 mini will look to cover all the drawbacks that featured in the S3 mini model and there is no doubt that you will be getting better performance from this new low budget Smartphone. As there is huge competition for budget Smartphone these days with a lot of mobile phone manufacturer sporting everywhere, Samsung has put in all its efforts in order to develop a good user friendly Smartphone with a good amount of solid features at a budget price.

Samsung S4 Mini Features

Priority inbox

New Inbox For Gmail Will Help In Organizing Your Mails

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Are you holding a Gmail account? Are you looking for some new features to unfold in Gmail so that your mails are arranged properly? If you are a busy man and do not have the time to check the loads of messages that comes in your mail box, then you will be glad to know that Gmail is all set to introduce a new feature to its mail service by offering you an auto- sort option of arranging messages so that you will never miss any of your important messages.

Auto Sorting Your Important Messages
If you have been finding to sort out your important messages from the ordinary messages in your in box, then you will be glad to know that Google is bringing in a new additional feature to its Gmail service where it will sort out all your incoming messages in such a manner that you will be able to easily access all the important messages very quickly and easily and the confusion that you have in sorting out your Inbox and new messages will become a thing of the past. This is similar to the propriety box that is already available in your Gmail account and if you are not using the priority box feature, then it is worth trying out the new auto sorting option.
Priority inbox


Cheery Tunes Or Sad Songs- Which Are The Best Remedy For A Broken Heart?

Cheery Tunes Or Sad Songs- Which Are The Best Remedy For A Broken Heart? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 27 votes

Music has been an important part of human life for centuries. Whether they are spiritual Hymns, tribal chants, pop songs, melodies or Jazz have their own healing power of human hearts. Music affects our body and soul and many resort to music when they are in distress.  If you have just ended a relationship with your partner, it will be very difficult to deal with the breakup. For a few days you will cry your heart out and slowly you will get attracted to the music which gives relaxation to your mind and soothing effect to your soul.

Different Types Of Music
Every country and its culture have separate style of music in it. People will listen to music according to their interest. Most of the people with a broken heart prefer soothing sad songs to console their heart, even when much cheerful music is available.  They prefer different methods to deliver the music some may use headphones or some will prefer gadgets.  The lyrics of the most of the sad songs relate to the situation the individual is in and this gives some sort of solace to the person.